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Written by Ted Melfi. Andy, a self proclaimed romance writer, with no true experience in romance, is the definition of regular. He receives an email from Rose Fatou, whom surprisingly is not an email scam artist, but a stunning Brazilian woman reaching out for help to get to America, to claim her deceased fathers inheritance. Without true knowledge of Rose’s existence, Andy throws his heart and money towards the mystery woman. Rose makes it to the US after a series of coincidental and serendipitous occurrences, but once she arrives, she is unable to truly meet Andy, nor claim her money. Rose broken heartedly decides to leave the country after a plethora of let downs. Andy finds his courage, with the help of his eccentric friends, and a few friendly strangers, to risk it all to stop Rose from departing. Andy and Rose finally meet after he breaks through airport security. They fall in love, Rose becomes rich, and we fast forward to their magical wedding, where love and happiness reigns.